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A) Installing Officer Marine Jay Miller.jpg

B) Sgt-at-Arms Marine Andrew Richards re[orting to Installing Officer.jpg

C) Installing Officer reading procedures.jpg

D) Following Orders of Installing Officer.jpg

E) New Officers ready for Installation.jpg

F) New Officers taking __Oath__of responsilbility.jpg

G) Continuation of __Oath__procedures.jpg

H) Installing Officer assuring procedures of newly Installed Commandant.jpg

I) New Commandant Marine K.Hawley & Outgoing Commandany H.Drew Jr. preparing for change of Command.jpg

J) Marine Jay Miller; New Commandant Marine K. Hawley; Past Commandant Marine H. Drew Jr. & Sgt-at-Arms Marine A. Richards at Change of Command .jpg

K) Sgt-at-Arms Marine A. Richards retrevint the __Colors__.jpg

L) Sgt-at-Arms Marine a. Richards presents _Colors_ to Past Commandt marine H. Drew Jr.jpg

M) Past Commandant Marine H. Drew Jr. passes the _Colors_ to new Commandant Marine K. Hawley.jpg

N) Preparing for Closing Prayers is Stand-In Chaplin Marine William Loney.jpg

O) Newly Installed Commandant Marine Kevin Hawley presented with _Gavel_ as authority to conduct procedures of the Detachment.jpg

P) New Commandant Marine Kevin Hawley doing the procedures for _Closing_ the regula meeting on 11-15-2018.jpg

Q) Adjuant Marine Bob Ware taking some photos.jpg
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