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Boot camp:   Parris Island


Dates of Service:  Aug 1955 -  Dec 1961


M.O.S. :  0311 - Rifleman | 8013 Special Assignment – Enlisted -  mine warfare demolition


Duty Stations:    Parris Island S.C. | Camp Geiger N.C. | Camp Lejeune N.C. | Cherry Point N.C. |

                             Camp Pendleton Ca. | Kaneohe Bay Hawaii |

                             Camps - Hague,Kinser,Schwab,Hansen,Sukiran,Bishagawa,Mercy   OKINAWA


Memorable events:

                             1 - Fifteen day stay in Hawaii before it became the 49th state.

                             2 - Maneuvers in Yokuska, Osaka, Kobe, and Nagasaki Japan

                             3 - Cold weather training on Mount Fuji Japan

                             4 - Broken leg on Formosa (now Taiwan)

                             5 - Washed down to Manila in Philippines on a LST due to typhoon.

                             6 - Various ships used in maneuvers and travel:

                                      USS A. A. Cunningham - DD752 - Okinawa to Japan

                                      USS Blair - DE-147 - Osaka to Nagasaki

                                      USS Coral Sea - CVA-43 - Japan to Okinawa

                                      USS Shelton - DD-790 - Okinawa to Japan and Taiwan

                                      USS Tom Green County - Taiwan to Philippines due to typhoon

                                      USS Navarro - APA-215 - Philippines to Okinawa

                                      USS Montrose - APA-212 - San Diego to Youkuska  Japan then to Okinawa

                                      USS Calvert - APA-32 = Okinawa to San Diego to Camp Pendleton then home.

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